The Basics: 


Take off your bandage after 2-4 hours of your tattoo.


Wash your hands then clean your tattoo with mild soap foam and water, pat dry.

( Don't use hard chemical soaps like Dettol, Savalon or Lifeboy)

(At this stage do not apply any creams or ointments on your tattoo)

  On the first night (Day 1), you may re-wrap it in cling film, to prevent tattoo sticking to bedsheets as plasma oz's out from the skin, do it before bed-time.

         Remove the bandage in the morning (Day 2) before you shower & was your tattoo                            again with mild  soap form & Water


You may start to apply some light moisturizer lotion (Cetaphil moisturizer is what

         we recommend) twice a day or every other day for one month.

(Apply as little as possible.)

Don’t pick/scratch your tattoo while it's healing.

Don’t wear tight clothing over your tattoo that can cause friction & heat, this will cause itching and acne around your tattoo quickly.


Keep your tattoo clean (Shower Regularly),

Keep it out of the pool/ocean for 2 weeks minimum & out of the sun for 4 weeks minimum.

Don’t listen to tattoo experts friends, on how to heal YOUR tattoo for at least one month.

NEVER apply Bepanthen, Vaseline, alcohol or other creams and lotions without asking your artist.

Every artist has their own way to tell their clients to heal their work and everyone recommends the ointment that they think works best for them which is fair enough.

We don’t contradict or say anyone else is wrong.


This is what we tell our clients every day… 

If you are not sure about the way your tattoo is healing, then give us a call and tell us what’s up!