Guest Spot

Looking for a Tattoo Guest Spot in New Delhi, India?

Please, take the time to read this entire page before you submit for a guest spot.

Our team operates at a level where we all share and learn from each other.

You must be committed to art & Tattooing. 

It doesn’t matter how long have you been tattooing, as long as you keep the professionalism & and your work is great & have a good attitude, we are cool!

Guest Spot

To guest spot at our studio, send us your travel dates,port_folio, and other details & be patient for us to go through it and get back to you. 

You will shortly receive an email from us to confirm you with your guest spot

Thanks for submitting!

We expect you to bring in your own clients and tattoo them at our space. You will be provided with all the equipment’s, except tattoo machine & cartridges.


We use Dynamic black & Intenze colors and follow a high level of work station hygiene. You can bring along your own colors if you like working with a different choice of ink brands.


You must organize your appointments according to guest spot dates and let us know, we can manage yours and our other artist's appointments.

NOTE: This is not a job offering for scratchers.