When the design idea of your tattoo is small & simple, it can be done when you walk-in to the studio and according to the availability of the artist, your tattoo can be done on the same day! 
We charge in square inches.



Collectors looking for larger ones are charged hourly and each artist at the studio has a different per hour charges based on their experience, styles & speed of work. 
All this will be explained on the day of your visit.


Consultations are usually free-of-charge appointment, as we love to talk about tattoos with the people.

On the appointment day, if you decide to book in for a tattoo appointment with artists of choice, you will have to do a cash deposit to secure the booking and have your artist draw your design for you if required.

Deposit is Non-refundable for any reason. 
As we spend our time & efforts for you and your booking, so please be sure when you book in.


The deposit amount is adjusted in the final price of your tattoo.


We never charge for custom drawings, it’s all included in the final price of the tattoo.