Tattoo aftercare for your new tattoo ?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The aftercare we recommend is a practice that we have been following and improving for more than 6 years. This heals our work in the best possible way.

When you get a tattoo from Inkspace tattoo studio, we ask you to follow the aftercare explained below:


Once you are done with your new tattoo.


Day 1:

We put on a Cling-wrap/Padded bandage.

Cling-wrap bandage had to be taken off within 3 hrs and is usually for average size tattoo. While padded bandages are used when you get big work done and had to be taken off within 6 to 8 hrs.

Immediately after taking the cover off, gently clean your tattoo with mild soap foam and then clear off foam with water.


* Don't apply any ointment at this stage, wait till 3 days. * Gently massage and wash for 15 sec with soap foam. * Use Luke warm water to clean off the foam. * Take a shower, but do not rub or clean your new tattoo.

NOTE: After 3 days you will notice scab has started form.


From Day 4: Start using Tat-wax or Ceta-Phile moisturizer (not cleanser)l daily (twice) on your tattoo for the next one month.

That's it.

During this time there is a list of things you should take care of.

Big DO NOT's

* Do not pick or scratch your tattoo.

* Do not go under direct sunlight

* Do not sweat /workout /cardio /swimming for the next 10 days.

* Do not wax/shave the tattoo area for at least 4 weeks.

* Do not use petroleum-based products like Vaseline on your tattoo.

* Most importantly wear comfortable loose clothes.


Continue to apply Tat-wax or a Moisturizing lotion, even after the tattoo heals.

Please do not listen to your tattoo expert friend for advice for a month at least.

Remember the basics:

1. Shower daily but quick showers only,

2. Do not pick/scratch & do not picnic if happens by mistake. it can be fixed in a touch-up session once tattoo heals.

3. Apply Aftercare product as recommended,

4. Avoid swimming & workout,

5. Wait at least 30 days for a touch.

If you are not sure about the way your tattoo is healing.

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