How to prepare for your new tattoo?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020


A week before your appointment,

Start applies Vaseline dry skin moisturizer twice (morning and evening) on the body location that is going to be tattooed for a week.

This makes your skin ready to absorb the pigment easily, therefore pain is less and makes it easy for us to tattoo.

A night before your tattoo appointment,

Please shave/wax the body area, a bit extra outside the tattoo area and apply moisturizer.

Next Morning,

Do not apply any moisturizer now.

Eat good breakfast and have coffee/tea & come to the studio well-rested and relaxed.

Please take a shower and try wearing comfortable clothes and avoid wearing white clothes.

And, we promise you will get the most from your tattoo experience with us.

Remember, to get a good rest the night before your appointment, do not drink alcohol or have a night out and wear comfortable loose clothes according to the placement of your tattoo, avoid wearing white clothes.

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