Tattoo Cover ups.

Some tattoos, with time, may loose their meaning in a persons life.

Reasons can be many:

1. Tattoo may loose its Ink quality

2 Or, A badly done tattoo from a local tattoo shop.

4. Or, You just want a change over.

We as a team are skilled & experienced, to fix all of the above reasons with creative designs as cover ups instead of a black patch.

When you think of a cover up, there are few things you should keep in mind :

A. Cover-ups are usually bigger than your existing tattoo, with few exceptions.

To discuss how, You can call and speak to us for best advice.

B. Small covers ups can be completed in a day and big Cover-ups can involve multiple sessions, prepare yourself accordingly.

In Tattoo cover up's, We use Camouflage Technique to hide old tattoos which involves a smart understanding of the design and flow. It does not hide the tattoo completely but rather use its existing color and flow to hide the old tattoo.

Our Covers up tattoos originate a new generation look and vibe to your tattoo as we use True Grey's to perform our job.

This ads more aesthetic to a cover up.

This technique of hiding old tattoos, is well-known and popular in western forms of tattooing for successful cover ups.

Tattoo cover ups are one of the best ways to hide old tattoos.

The images above are a few examples of the cover ups that we have done at Inkspace tattoo studio


The same above blog has been represented in visual form as well: Check Below!

For Tattoo Cover-ups/new tattoos, you can reach out to us at

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