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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

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The process of healing your new tattoo can be understood in three stages.

Initial Stage Mid Stage End Stage

(Day 1 to 4) (Day 4 to 10) (Day 10 to 30)

Initial Stage

Day 1: After you get your tattoo done, you come into a realization that your new tattoo has Plasma oozing which stops within 2 hrs to 6 hrs and Redness will fade away in next 12 hrs to 24 hrs

Day 2: Any signs of Soreness or Swelling will go away by now.

Day 3: Dryness & Skin Contractions over the tattooed area is the beginning of scab formation and now you can start using the tattoo aftercare product recommended when you notice this happening to your tattoo.

Mid Stage

Day 4: Itching

Your new tattoo will itch mildly more as days pass by due to dryness.

To reduce the itching, use a tattoo aftercare product at least twice or more in a day for the next 30 days.

From Day 4 to Day 10: Scab Flaking Off

Once the Scab flakes off from the tattoo you will notice a shiny & cloudy thin layer of skin.


From Day 10 to the next 30 days:

The skin tissues will repair itself on deeper layers and the new skin layer will start to form while absorbing the ink pigment.

In the next few weeks your skin will fully heal, if you think there is some color loss, contact your tattoo artist for a touch-up appointment.

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