InkSpace Studio

A-team of tattoo artist specializing in various style of tattoos.




Tattooing as a profession has always been a serious medical like profession for us.

Utmost safety and hygiene has always been a top priority.


 We have been following & maintaining strict measures for over all hygiene and sanitisation.


We have adapted some technological advancements to prevent and control

Covid-19 in our studio.


Our dedicated and experienced team works with seriousness to every detail resulting in this community of delighted clients. 


 The proactive approach, combined with the above technical skills, allowed us to operate again from our studio.


We’re happy to announce that now you’ll be able to book appointments at our safe and sanitised studio.



The Basics: Once the tattoo is done, after 2-4 hours, take off your bandage. 

And, Wash your tattoo well with mild soap foam and water, pat dry.


DO NOT apply any creams or ointments on your tattoo.




Our team works at a level where we all share and learn from each other.

We don't care how long have you been tattooing, as long as you keep the professionalism, your work is great & have a good attitude, we are cool!

NOTE: This is not a job offering for scratchers.


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